Leaving school and the RoSA

Leaving school and the RoSA

The Record of School Achievement or RoSA is the credential that formally recognises your school achievement if you leave school before completing your HSC.

The RoSA is a cumulative credential recording your grades or participation in courses in Year 10 right up to when you leave school, giving you a more comprehensive and meaningful record of your academic achievements. If you are not eligible for a RoSA, you will receive a Transcript of Study, which contains the same information as the RoSA for courses you have satisfactorily completed.

Your RoSA or Transcript of Study will become the school credential you will use when applying for employment, further education or training.

You also have the choice of taking literacy and numeracy tests. The results of your tests may be useful at job interviews or for training providers as evidence of your literacy and numeracy skills.



RoSA rules and procedures

Students will generally be eligible for the RoSA after four years of secondary school. To qualify for the RoSA a student must have:

Students leaving school who are not eligible for the RoSA will receive a Transcript of Study.

The RoSA credential and the Transcript of Study will display a Grade from A to E (with A being the highest) for any completed Stage 5 and Preliminary courses (Years 10 and 11, typically). It will also show any VET or Life Skills courses you have completed up until you finish school.

Satisfactory course completion requirements

For the satisfactory completion of a course, it is your responsibility to:

  • follow the course developed or endorsed by the BOSTES
  • apply yourself with diligence and sustained effort to the set tasks and experiences provided in the course by the school
  • achieve some or all of the course outcomes.

Absence during the year

Principals may grant students leave for legitimate reasons, such as illness or physical injury. Any extensive period of unexplained absence may result in non-completion of a course(s) and may affect your eligibility for the award of the RoSA.

Final date for attendance

It is a requirement for the award of the RoSA that Year 10 students attend school until the final day of Year 10, as determined by the school system or principal, unless an exemption has been granted by the principal.

More information about leaving school

Visit the NSW Public Schools website for more information, including answers to frequently asked questions, about leaving school and the school leaving age. 

Smart and Skilled program

Visit the Smart and Skilled website for information about NSW Department of Education and Communities’ program which allows school leavers aged 15 years or older to enrol in government subsidised Vocational Education and Training (VET) up to and including Cert III, either at TAFE or another approved private or community training provider from 1 January 2015.

‘N’ determinations – not completing a course

If you are in danger of not completing a course satisfactorily, you will be warned in writing in time for you to correct the problem and satisfactorily complete the course.

If you have not completed a course, you will receive an 'N' determination. Any mandatory course will be listed as 'Not Completed' on your Transcript of Study and this will mean that you will not be eligible for a RoSA.

You have the right to appeal against an 'N' determination. Appeals are first heard by your principal then, if you are not satisfied with the result, you can appeal to the BOSTES. The BOSTES’ decision is final.

RoSA and Vocational Education and Training

On course completion, you will receive your VET credentials from the relevant Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and the course will be listed on your RoSA.

RoSA and Life Skills

If you are undertaking one or more courses based on Life Skills outcomes and content, and meet the BOSTES’ requirements, you will be eligible for the award of the RoSA. In addition, you will be awarded a Profile of Student Achievement, which lists the Life Skills outcomes achieved for each Life Skills course completed.