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Students Online provides you with important information about your study from Year 10 to the HSC. You can access your personal details, including enrolment and exam timetable details as they become available, using your Student Number and PIN to log in to Students Online.

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Activating your Students Online account

Students Online features a private account area where you can view your personal details as held by the BOSTES. All NSW high school students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are eligible for an account.

You are able to activate your account now if your school has provided an email address for you to the BOSTES.

To be emailed an account activation link, you will need to enter your:

  • given name(s)
  • family name
  • school
  • date of birth.

The activation link will be sent to the email address your school has supplied to the BOSTES. You must enter your given names EXACTLY as you are formally known by your school and which they have provided to the BOSTES. For example, if your full name is 'Maxwell Anthony Smith', your school may have supplied your 'Given Name(s)' to the Board as 'Maxwell Anthony', 'Maxwell', or even, possibly, 'Max'.

If you have issues activating your account, contact your school to check your email address has been provided, or how your details, particularly your given name and email address, are officially recorded.

Contact the BOSTES if you are still having issues activating your account.

Logging in to Students Online

Some sections of Students Online are only available by logging in to the site. You need your Student Number and your PIN to log in.

BOSTES Student Number

You will be assigned a BOSTES Student Number in Year 10 which the BOSTES uses to identify you. It will appear as you activate your account provided you are eligible and your school has provided an email address for you. Your account will show all your important details including:

  • date of birth
  • your address
  • email address
  • home and/or mobile phone number
  • the courses you are studying.

Check your details are correct in My Details and alert your school if anything is incorrect.

Your UAC application number and UAC PIN are different from your BOSTES Student Number and HSC PIN – Universities Admissions Centre for more information.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

You create a six-digit PIN as part of the process of activating your account. You need your PIN, along with your BOSTES Student Number, to log in to your Students Online account and access your personal details. You will also use your PIN to get your HSC results online in December.

If you wish to change your PIN, log in with your BOSTES Student Number and PIN and go to My Details where there is an option to change your PIN. Your new PIN must be a six-digit number between 100000 and 999999. Find out how to recover a forgotten PIN below.

Your UAC application number and UAC PIN are different from your Student Number and PIN – contact the Universities Admissions Centre for more information.

Forgotten PIN

We provide two services to help you regain access to your Students Online account:

  1. If your email address is registered with us, we can email you a link to access your account and change your PIN.
  2. If your mobile phone number is registered with us, we can send you your PIN via SMS.

The online Forgotten PIN service is only available if you have answered a security question in the My Details section of your personal account.

If you continue to have access problems, contact us for further assistance. Please have your student number ready when you call.

Using the My Details section

Personal details

This section confirms your important personal details such as your address, date of birth and contact number. If any of your personal details are not correct, please contact your school to change them. Your principal will inform us of the change.

If you change your address details and you wish to receive an ATAR, you must also advise UAC of your new address.

Enrolment and Results information

This section confirms your enrolment details, including the courses studied at your home school as well as courses studied away from your home school. Your grades for Year 10, Year 11 and HSC results for each course will be available here at the end of each year.

Read the enrolment details in My Details carefully to ensure everything is correct. Please tell your school if any details are not correct and your principal will inform us of the change.

Exam timetable

Your personal HSC exam timetable is available early in Term 2. It provides you with the date and time of the exam for each of your subjects that have a written exam. This section may also include the venue for your exam if it is not taking place at your home school. You will receive advice for practical exams from your school.

Please contact your school if any details are not correct.

Your security and privacy

The BOSTES is committed to ensuring the complete confidentiality of all data exchanges on the internet. You can help to safeguard your privacy by remembering to:



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