Preparing for your written exams

Preparing for your written exams

This information and advice is to help you prepare for and complete the HSC written exams. There is another section for advice about preparing for practical and performance exams.

As part of your preparations for the HSC exams you should read through the HSC Rules and Procedures guide.

You should also ensure you have all the necessary equipment before your exam and make sure it is in functioning order - new batteries in calculator, pencils sharpened and new working pens. Remember,you are not permitted to borrow equipment during exams and you cannot submit anappeal on the grounds that your equipment is not working.

Study tips and materials

Find a range of tools and materials designed to help you prepare for your written exams, including: study tips, past HSC exam papers, marking guidelines, and  multiple-choice question quizzes.

What to expect in the exam paper

Prepare yourself for what your exam paper may look like, how to manage difficult questions and how much to write for the different types of responses. All HSC exam papers have straightforward instructions, show you how many marks can be earned for each question, and give a guide to how much time to spend on each section.

Taking the HSC exams

Prepare for sitting the exam, from understanding what to do if you run out of space to write your answers through to what happens at the end of the exam.

Advice for HSC students about examinations

The Advice for HSC students about examinations highlights and gives information about some of the issues raised during the previous year's HSC examinations. 

Advice for students sitting for HSC examinations

Read helpful advice on sitting for exams in the following key learning areas:

HSC Exam Workbooks to buy

BOSTES HSC Exam Workbooks provide real samples of top students' exam responses, complete with markers' specific comments. 

HSC Test Yourself App

The BOSTES HSC Test Yourself App contains multiple-choice questions from recent exams across a range of subjects.