Illness misadventure

Illness misadventure on exam day

If you become ill or suffer an accident that affects your exam performance, you should submit an illness/misadventure application form (available at the exam centre) through the principal and notify the Presiding Officer when entering the exam or as soon as possible.

It is important that you attend the exams where possible, even if you believe your performance in the exam will be affected. If you cannot attend an exam because of illness or misadventure, notify your school principal immediately. You should never risk harm in order to attend an exam, or attend an exam against medical advice.

You must obtain documentary evidence generally on the day of the exam to support your illness/misadventure application. If you did not sit the exam this evidence must indicate why you were unable to attend. Read more in the Higher School Certificate Rules and Procedures guide.

Emergency disability provisions

Emergency provisions can be arranged if you have an accident or an illness just before the exam. You should immediately notify your principal or year adviser in such a case.

Arriving late to the exam

If you are late to an exam advise your principal immediately and get to the exam centre as soon as possible.

Misreading the exam timetable 

If you miss an exam because you have misread the timetable, you must contact your principal immediately.