As part of your HSC, you will sit written exams at the same time as everyone else who has been studying your HSC courses. You may also complete a practical exam as part of your HSC exams, which might involve submitting a major project, performing or speaking in another language.

Your HSC exam result contributes 50 percent of your final HSC mark for a course. This section discusses the written and practical exams set and marked by BOSTES. Exams set and marked by your school during the HSC (for example trial HSC exams) do not contribute to your HSC exam mark and may contribute part of your school-based assessment mark.

Your personal HSC exam timetable is available in My Details (from 29 April 2015).

Your HSC exam result contributes 50 percent of your final HSC mark for a course.

HSC written examination timetable

View the date and time for each written exam.  Creating the timetable is a major job that happens in Term 1 after your school confirms your courses. With more than 70,000 students and 110 courses, there are thousands of possible course combinations. BOSTES avoids placing large courses like English and Mathematics back to back; and spreads the sciences and languages through the four-week period.

HSC exam equipment

There are certain pieces of equipment you can and can't take into each different exam. Black pen is preferable for all exams and mobile phones are absolutely not allowed.

Preparing for your written exams

There are a range of resources available to help you prepare for your written exams, including study tips and materials and what to expect in the exam and the exam paper.

Practical and performance exams

Depending on the courses you study, you may dance, act, play an instrument, speak in another language or submit a major work as part of your HSC exams. Learn more about certifying your work and what to expect in drama and languages oral exams.


If you become ill or suffer an accident that affects your exam performance, you should submit an illness/misadventure appeal form.

Literacy and numeracy tests

If you plan to leave school before completing your HSC, you have the choice of taking literacy and numeracy tests. The results maybe useful at job interviews or for training providers as evidence of literacy and numeracy skills.